Why choose us?
The third-generation DIY eshop system – actlog
LINK FORE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY launched the first-generation of eshop system in 2002 providing a one-stop eshop platform for users. The first generation of our DIY eshop system allowed users to self-manage products, web contents. The second-generation eshop system was mainly to strengthen the functions.
For the 7-generation eshop system, eshop88 has new breakthroughs. Our programmers in addition to emphasis on enhancing the features of the eshop, but also to enhance the page with the designer visual effects, such as diy flash banners. Also, enhanced a number of supporting functions, such as facebook, seo, edm, etc. .., in order to help user proper manage the eshop sales and marketing issues.
eshop88 aims to follow the pace of the times, develop the cutting-edge technology, give confidence to our valued customers for using our services.

Providing Demo trial, 100% confidence!
Eliminate the problem of not misunderstanding.


Uptime> 99.9%
Eshop88 provides the highest quality network services, all servers are placed in the data center for 24-hour security with back-up power supply, customers can feel the safety.
Support overseas network bandwidth
At present, all plans are the real support for overseas network bandwidth without additional charge.
No hidden fee
All plans include a .com / .net /. org domain + Basic Web Hosting storage, unlimited number of products upload. Servers are placed in the data center for 24-hour security with back-up power supply.

Free Basic SEO service
All plans are designed in a search engine optimization SEO Friendly structure which improve search engine ranking.
Free natural ranking keyword setup ( Meta words)
Free Yahoo, Google site submit

 we provide easy understanding Teaching  guide for users.

“What’s new” & Theme
All plans built-in a rolling “Latest News” bulletin board, users can enter the latest company news and pictures at any time;
“Theme” design are selectable, homepage banners can be uploaded/changed at any time.
Product description field can support Youtube videos, tables insert, text size and color are adjustable.


User-friendly texts editor
The editor is just similar with Microsoft Word, very easy to use.
Support Youtube videos, Facebook Share
All plans support Youtube video embedding, Facebook Share / like the button insert.
Support all languages
All plans are encoded using Unicode UTF8 support input and display any language. Simplified, English, text in Japanese, French .. no problem!

Extra DIY pages
Topics are freely decided by your own, create a new page then a menu button will be auto generated on the menu bar.
You can add contents like youtube videos, Facebook Share / like the button, images like JPEG, gif, flash, table. Text colors and size are adjustable.
“Basic Plan”, “Advanced Plan” free 5 and 10 free pages respectively,.


Flash generator
Simply upload a number of photos in JPEG form, dynamic banner is automatically generated, photos can be replaced at any time.
MSN Live Chat feature
With MSN chat, your can interact with customers to improve sales.
“Basic plan, Advanced Plan” free of charge.

Professional Corporate email service
Corporate e-mail (E-mail Hosting): eg info@yourdomain.com supporting iPhone, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Webmail and e-mail forwarding; virus e-mail filter protection, spam filtering protection.
S2/S3 Plan are free..


Reliable choice
Eshop88 is a registered company established for many years. We are serving different type of companies. Our programmers possess professional IT license.
Eshop88 is providing a wide range of services, from eshop system to marketing software…
Many of our current customers are switched from other eshop /hosting companies around, you can see our reputation.

eshop88.com insist providing honest plans information to the public. Our price already included domain and web hosting fee, we are a real package and one-stop services provider!

Outside companies always hidden all the important charges (such as hosting fees), so, you know how to choose?