actlog Good news again!  Free Function – Quick enter/update products

Update the information “Talking Easy” !

         You don’t need to “in and out” one by one to update. < /span>

       You only have to On the product list, click the data grid directly, that is,YesEnter/change important information, including “mainFigure”  、 “Product name 、“Category ,< /span>“Model ,“Price ,“Specials“< /span>,Inventory.. Other information

  (You can customize which data cells to display, see Figure 2 for details).

I want to create a product, easy!

     click “Add Product (by template)” button to quickly add products immediately span>.

       It is more convenient if the new batch of products has many repetitions or similar You can even create a copy of the data in the “template”pre

       New products are automatically generated according to the template,You changeYesFrom time to timeChange the template.  

 Save for you Enter the time of repetition or similar data!


Figure 1


Figure 2