Smart chat system :stimulate sales, track the stay page, initiate a conversation

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Smart customer service system, stimulate sales

The intelligent customer service system, in addition to the general conversation function, can instant:

Tracking the pages visitors stay on ;

Actively initiate a dialogue to stimulate sales ! (You can promote related topics of interest to the pages you stay in

Track browsing time;

Tracking visitor country information;

Compare whatspp /fb messenger/line communication

  • Viewers (buyers) do not need to hold any relevant accounts to communicate directly.
  • (Whatspp / fb messenger / line and other communications, it is necessary for the other party to register the relevant account to initiate the communication)

How to Apply for “Smart Customer Service System” The web system?

  • The online shop system in the market, not all must contain“Smart Customer Service System”< /u>Functional, the choice must be asked clearly, and whether there is an additional charge for the choice.
  • And web system provide this feature for free,

    Click to Apply/Enquiry for Service