SEO sitemap, why good for ranking? (seo sitemap)

For many people who are exposed to seo from the beginning, the most common question they encounter is what exactly is sitemap.xml?
  • Sitemap.xml contains the directory file of all webpages in the website. Search engines use this specification to provide crawlers for search engines to read, so that search engines can know where the website is. What pages are there?.
  • Of course, it is not necessary to use the xml format to make a Sitemap. The official Google guide points out that they also accept RSS, mRSS and Atom 1.0. But xml is already the most commonly used specification, so this article will focus on introducing this file format.
There are two ways to make sitemap.xml for the website:

1. Manual

Every time you use your own software to convert the website data into an xml file, resubmit to the search engine, and every time When the website is updated, the xml file must be submitted again to the search engine.

2. Automation

Automatically generate sitemap.xml, and let search engines automatically synchronize the latest data.

How to apply for automated seo sitemap.xml Web system?
  • The online store system in the market, not all include automation sitemap.xml function, the choice should be asked clearly, and whether there is an additional charge for the choice.
  • And web system provide this feature for free, you only need to activate this feature when you apply for the service or after you apply.

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