How to start an online business 3

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How to set up a business online in the Internet age 3

3-Sourcing source.

This is probably a big problem encountered by some entrepreneurs in the early days. After deciding what to do, find the source of goods. Establishing a smooth, reliable, and advantageous supplier is the first step to a successful business.

I once met a girl who had just graduated from university. She told me that all the things she sold were bought in pieces. Obviously this is not feasible: First, the scattered purchase price must be very high. If the profit margin is included, the price sold to customers must be too high to attract customers. Second, the channel is very unstable. When customers need it, it is difficult to find them immediately. , Affect the confidence of customers in the online store; thirdly, customers may not like the styles and varieties they like, which will cause some product backlog; fourthly, the varieties and specifications are not complete, and the products are too single. Of course, customers will choose other products with more abundant varieties and specifications. Full range of businesses. Therefore, this kind of business model can only be said to be a playful mentality, to experience the taste of opening an online shop, not to be a real online shop owner!

Internet operators should contact regular wholesalers and suppliers to purchase goods, but the reality is that there are very few suppliers who are willing to ship scattered goods at wholesale prices. This is also the embarrassment that online shops often encounter when contacting suppliers. But this gives us an inspiration. The supply channels that can be tailored to online stores and meet the needs of online stores will inevitably be warmly welcomed by online store entrepreneurs, because demand is the market. In response to this trend, Merry Bay Fashion has recently launched an online store agency cooperation model. Tailor-made clothing provides a thoughtful supply channel for online stores, which is favored by many online stores.