How to start an online business 2

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How to set up a business online in the Internet age 2

2-What exactly is good? Every friend who wants to open an online shop first encounters this problem. Take a look at Taobao, there are so many varieties, and almost everything is sold. It can be seen that everyone has different ideas. Since everyone has different resources and different interests and hobbies, they also determine the different industries they are engaged in. Seeking a stable and reliable source of goods is a prerequisite for a good online store. For now, starting from consumer psychology, combined with the incomplete personal credit system in China today, online stores are most suitable for selling some relatively low value, ordinary consumers need, low requirements for after-sales service, and it is not easy. Deterioration, no need to try on or try to determine whether it is suitable for products, such as cosmetics, tea, books, handicrafts, audio-visual products, or some products with uniform specifications. The products that meet the needs can be determined through photos and instructions. It is best to do Some brand-name products are very attractive to customers, and it is very difficult for customers to accept an unknown brand.